Computer Health Check Up

Is your PC going slow?
Takes forever to start up?
Some web pages wont load properly?

Have your computer cleaned out. Over time and with use temporary files contribute to a gradual slowing down of computer performance. Programs installed often add themselves to the start up procedure extending the length of time it takes between turning on your pc and actually being able to use it. Most of these programs don't need to start when the pc is first turned on, they can be started when you need to use them from the shortcut.
Computers attract dust! have you ever looked at the back of your pc and seen dust all around the fans? If you have then be aware the accumulation of dust will be worse inside the computer case. A common reason for pc failure is, component failure caused by overheating. Especially if you have pets in the house, dust and pet hair matt together inside the computer case and restrict the flow of air that is vital to maintaining a premium operating temperature for all the components.
Don't wait until your pc breaks down, have it professionally cleaned. This is not expensive and will extend the life expectancy of your valuable system.
Do you regularly back up your important Data? Photos? Emails? no one wants to be constantly having to manually perform this task. Also there is not much point backing up these things to your local hard drive because if it fails goodbye backup!
Most user data can be automatically backed up to a usb device, like a pen drive / memory stick. Or if you have a lot of photos a portable hard drive. These options are not expensive and can be simply set up to run automatically with just periodic checks to ensure back ups are working correctly. Alternately a phone call to a competent technician who can log into your pc remotely can tell you in minutes whether your backup is functioning correctly or not.
Add more power, often I have encountered computers that are running slow due to not having enough ram installed. Adding more memory will in most cases give your pc quite a performance boost. Again this is not expensive, have your system checked to see if you can improve the speed by adding more memory.

Call and book for a pc health check: This is what you get:
• clean out all fans and the inside of the computer case including power supply.
• clean out all temporary files and folders, edit start up to speed pc boot times.
• Audit system and supply printed report of computer specs with advise and quote to increase performance.
• Update windows and antivirus software.

Computer health check up price: $60.00 + GST

If Any virus activity is detected or faulty hardware discovered, contact will be made with the owner and options discussed. Repair of infected pc or faulty parts is not covered under the pc health check fee.

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